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BeezidP romo Code 30 Bids+120=150 Bids!Only $27.18 cents per bidBeginner
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BeezidPromoCode50+200=250 Bids!Only $40.16 cents per bidBeginner
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Beezid Promo Code 100 Bids+400=500 Bids!Only $70.14 cents per bidMost Popular Option
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Beezid Promo Code 500 Bids+2000=2500 Bids!Only $300.12 cents per bidPro
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BeezidPromoCode1000+4000=5000 Bids!Only $550.11 cents per bidBest Value

This is a great opportunity to stock up on bids and win beezid items that you’ve had your eye on!

As always, there’s nothing to lose since Beezid guarantees your first win with their exclusive Guaranteed Win Auctions. Yes, you read that correctly. You will win. Guaranteed.

If you’re not sure which bid pack is right for you, Beezid’s most popular 100 bid pack is a great choice for any bidder. And with the current promo you’ll get 400 bonus bids, for a grand total of 500 bids to use as you please.

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Beezid’s Black Friday Through Cyber Monday Ultimate Shopping Promo Codes

Beezid Black Friday Promo Code Weekend

Beezid’s black friday weekend is finally here and we hope you bidders are ready to win huge. If you’re new to Beezid this is the most perfect time to get in the game and capitalize on the savings. Use our beezid promo codes below to stock up on 400% more in bids.

Stock up on your bids today because you’re going to need them for 6 days of action packed shopping experiences like you’ve never seen before.

Day 1 – Thanksgiving Nov 26th

All closing prices are frozen at .01 cent. Yes, all auctions will have a final purchase price of 1 penny. And remember if you’re new to the auction scene Beezid guarantees your first win!

Day 2 – Beezid Black Friday Nov 27th

All auctions for under a buck! You won’t pay more than .99 cents for all your winning auctions. Make sure to stock up on your bids and review you the best winning strategies so you can dominate your competition like a pro this weekend! Get your Free Ultimate Beezid Strategy Guide right now!

Click To Activate PromoBid Packs Promo Bonus Bids Total BidsPricePrice Per BidValue
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BeezidP romo Code 30 Bids+120=150 Bids!Only $27.18 cents per bidBeginner
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BeezidPromoCode50+200=250 Bids!Only $40.16 cents per bidBeginner
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Beezid Promo Code 100 Bids+400=500 Bids!Only $70.14 cents per bidMost Popular Option
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Beezid Promo Code 200 Bids+800=1000 Bids!Only $120.12 cents per bidSemi-Pro
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Beezid Promo Code 500 Bids+2000=2500 Bids!Only $300.12 cents per bidPro
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BeezidPromoCode1000+4000=5000 Bids!Only $550.11 cents per bidBest Value

Day 3 – Super Saturday Nov 28th

99% Price Freezes and  Bid Back Guarantees!

Day 4 – Green Sunday Nov 29th

Cash Back Auctions! Winners get to keep the closing auction price!

Day 5 – Cyber Monday The Beezid Way Nov 30th

All tech for a penny! Score the latest gadgets all for just one cent.

Day 6 – Cyber Monday Leader board Nov 31st

Rank high during the shopping weekend and enter to win $100,000. Stock up on your bids and review your winning strategy in advance!

Good luck bidders, and let us know how you do in the comments below.



New Triple Your Bids Promo Code

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Take advantage of Beezids 50% retail price freeze by tripling your bids with any bid pack you get.

From now on, beezid is freezing all their auctions are 50% of retail. Yes, we know this is going to be a game changer across the entire industry.

If you freeze it, they will come!

Click to activate coupon —> 200BIDS

Beezid Bid Packs


The 1000 bids package becomes 3000 bids (best value)

New Price Cap Calls For A New Strategy To Win

Your chances of winning with beezid’s new price cap are probably not going to increase. In fact, I think winning might become become slightly more difficult.

I have zero historical data to back up the prediction made above, but it makes sense. Let me explain.

Freezing auction prices at 50% retail is no doubt an awesome game changer. But what will be the side effects? and who will benefit? The answers to these questions may not be so clear.

But one thing is certain, Beezid will see a major flood of new and repeat customers. Why you ask?

Simply because there is not point at bidding somewhere else when you can get the same excitement with half the cost at beezid

Beezid Users Beware

This influx of new competitors will make it more difficult to win.

Now that the prices are capped, counting the amount of bids being placed will be even more difficult mostly due to the price staying the same. Once the auction hits that 50% mark, the cost of the item isn’t going to increase.

So how can you employ an effective winning strategy?

Beezidpro Is More Important Than Ever

Beezidpro users will clearly have an unfair advantage over their competition.

Having data in a penny auction is more important than having a ton of bids. If you know what your competitors are doing, how many bids they’re placing, and how many bids they possibly have remaining, needless to say you can do some real damage.

So even though the price of the auction is capped, bids placed by users will still be counted, and historical purchase data will still be calculated based on the bids placed and not by the price cap.

I suspect the demand for beezidpro’s service will increase and this may cause an equal increase in price for the analytic service.

Current beezidpro users will obviously be immune to the price increase since they’re locked at the current discounted rate so the smart thing to do is…

 Sign up now to avoid a price bump later.


Beezid Guarantees 50% Savings With New Price Cap

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Penny auction sites like Beezid.com have gained considerable media attention in recent years. Billed as an alternative to traditional shopping, they offer big-ticket merchandise through a penny bidding format at a fraction of the retail cost, often as much as 99% off.

But such claims understandably leave many consumers skeptical, and the penny auction business model—in which users purchase bids to participate in auctions—raises questions about how much members actually save.

Beezid CEO Max Bohbot is on a mission to change that.

“People need to understand that these savings are real,” he said. “There’s no trick here. And we prove that by guaranteeing that you won’t pay more than 50% off retail for any closing auction prices, period.”

The burden of proof naturally falls on the penny auction site making the claim. But it’s a burden that Beezid has always shouldered well, keeping a public record of all closed auctions, along with a Winner’s Circle filled with testimonials from hundreds of users.

Nor is the concept of “guaranteed savings” new to Beezid, a site that regularly hosts “No Risk Bidding” events and offers new members a guaranteed win on their first bid pack. But the 50% price cap is a site-wide change affecting every auction… and every user.

“Our goal here at Beezid has always been to make high-end merchandise affordable for everyone in a fun, action-packed environment,” Bohbot continued. “This is only one of many exciting changes coming to Beezid this year, and the biggest and best are yet to be unveiled.”

This announcement follows closely on several other major changes including a new version of the website, an increased auction schedule with more promotional events, and most recently the introduction of Power bids, a new bid type that users obtain free of charge via promotional codes, social media contests, and the like.

You can learn more about the 50% price cap by visiting Beezid’s website.

As a bonus here is a limited time promo code to triple the amount of bids with any bid pack you decide to purchase.

200BIDS <–Click On Coupon To Activate

Why So Many People Lose Beezid Auctions And How You Can Win With One Simple Trick

If you’re like most Beezid users the level of frustration you face when bidding can really take a toll on you.

It wasn’t long until I was sick of losing so much money and always walking away a loser. Many would argue that beezid is comparable to a casino poker table, filled with sharks just waiting to take advantage of the newbie.

If you’ve been burned by beezid and are abotu to throw in the towel, I’ve got some great news for you!

In this post, I’ll reveal a simple system you can use to beat their system and start recouping some, if not all of those losses.

However, before I teach you how to win and reveal to you the secret tool that pros use to win big, let us take a moment to understand why you lose in the first place.

Why You Lose On Beezid

It doesn’t take a genius to see why Beezid is so popular, they promise you the world. “Win this (insert desired product) for pennies”, “Never pay retail, (insert desired product) at 90% off” you have to be silly not to give it a try.

So you pull out your credit card and purchase a bid pack and start bidding like a gambler on payday. Before you know it, you have 1 bid left, you close your eyes and boom, it’s gone. You lost my friend, sorry try again. So you try again, and get the same result, you get mad and stop for a while.

But then you return, because now you’re smarter, you took a minute and thought about the best strategy possible and now you’re ready to give it another shot, only to come up short again.

1) You lose because you’re emotional – seeing that gadget that you’ve always wanted makes you want it even more, seeing it being auctioned off for pennies makes you lose your mind and pull out your wallet. Your first lesson should be to learn not to be so impulsive. I guarantee you that losing that impulsive side will aid you in other areas of your life, not just beezid.

2) You lose because the tools Beezid gives you suck – The only tool they provide you with that serves any purpose is their autobeezid feature which allows you to set the amount of bids and criteria to enter the bidding. The other tool is their bidding history tool which shows the last 10 bidders and that’s pure garbage.

Let’s take a second and go back to our poker table scenario. I told you that your chances of winning are much higher at a casino poker table than on beezid and it’s absolutely true.

At the poker table you know exactly how many people are playing, you see some of the cards, and you can gather up historical information such as how many times player A bluffs and how many times player B folds, etc. If you’re good, you develop a strategy based on the data observed and rise to the top as you acquire chips from the falling losers!

Back to beezid and why their tools suck so much. Unlike the poker table, you don’t know how many people you’re competing with, it can 10 or it can be 100’s of eager beavers just like you.

In addition you can’t see your competition, and you know nothing about them. You don’t know how many bids they’ve placed and how many auctions they’ve won. So you’re sitting there infront of your computer clicking the bid button blindly. You mind as well put on a blindfold and go to a casino, again your chances of winning will be much higher.

But what if I told you that you can beat the system and regain control? 

Winning on beezid requires a great strategy but 90% of that strategy is having enough information about your competition.

If you’re like most people you don’t have the time to sit there and log it all yourself. What I mean by that is sitting there with a pen and paper listing out all you competition by user name and logging every bid with a tally mark. But you know what, that’s exactly what I and many others did. This method allowed me to gain important information that others bidding in the auction simply didn’t have. I knew all the bidders and how many bids they placed. Most people purchase the beginner pack and have about 50 bids to place.

By doing this I noticed a key trend. Most of my competition was dropping out when they hit near the 50 bids mark. Towards the end of the auctions, there only remained a few bidders. Either these bidders were pros or they purchased the largest bid pack available.

Many would still be intimidated, but I wasn’t. Even though I knew everything about my competition, I also studied historical data. In weeks prior I would leave auctions running on the items that I wanted to win. I didn’t bid but what I did do is record the winning costs. I noticed that wins were all pretty much consistent and only varied by a few dollars.

This was the only strategy that gave me the opportunity to win my first auction. But I got tired of keeping records and gave up. Like most people, I simply didn’t have enough time to do it anymore.

But that all changed when I got word of BeezidPro. I first learned about the tool by stumbling upon an advertisement on google. After reading what the tool was about and what it would do for me I realized it was exactly what I was doing in the above approach.

The huge difference here was that it was all automated. This simple plugin worked seamlessly with my browser and gave me all the information I needed to win in real time.

But it did much more than just auctions I was interested in. It literrally had information on every single beezid user, how many auctions they bid on, how many they lost and won, how many bids they placed, and all the historical data on every single beezid product ever auctioned off.

My original strategy was good but this tool allowed me to be a professional. I use this tool religiously and I know you’ll find use for it too. The best part about BeezidPro is that it’s completely risk free.

If you decide it’s not for you, you’ll get a refund faster than Mcdonalds serving you a BigMac meal.

->Find out how to win every single beezid auction and finally guarantee your first win with Beezid Pro


Ready to win?, visit the home page for the latest Beezid Promo Code.

Triple Your Bids

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Triple your bids for any bidpack you purchase. Buy 120 bids and get 360! and remember that your first win is guaranteed!

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Beezid’s Best Super Bowl Deal Event

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The web’s #1 auction site, beezid has just announced their 3 day super bowl promo. Enjoy the deals and stock up on your bids! Please review the lineup below

Thursday, Jan 31st, 2013, 6.00pm – 11.59pm EST

Access to bigger Bid Packs, including 2, 3, 4 and even 5 times more Bids than usual tied to all your usual favorite products

Saturday, Feb 2nd, 2013, 12.00pm – 11.59pm EST

Price Freeze auctions for 12 hours, giving you guaranteed savings of 88% on the things you want to win!

Monday, Feb 4th, 2013, 6.00pm – 11.59pm

Beezid’s signature promotion…Bids-Back auctions and Price Freeze auctions at the same time! Guaranteed savings and every bid you place going right back into your account means you can score a touchdown, or at least a field goal worth of wins, risk free!

-> Sign Up For FREE And Get FREE BIDS <-

Already a member? Use promo code RMNRESTO

Beezid Introduces Guarantee Win Auctions

There’s a reason why Beezid became the #1 entertainment penny auction on the internet and it’s not due to a lack of innovation. A guaranteed win auction has never been seen before and is the first of its’ kind across the board, so let’s see how it works.

How Beezid ‘Guaranteed Win’ Auctions Work..

The idea behind the guaranteed auction is to let every beezid user join the winner’s circle as quickly as possible. Although some people see success right away, others can make mistakes and never forgive themselves for losing which causes them to shelter future success by not participating. It’s a new year and it’s time to turn that frown upside down, because for the first time ever you are guaranteed to win!

Step 1) Sign Up At Beezid for their most popular Bid Pack

Step 2) Once the last bid from the first Beezid Bid Pack has been used up, the “Guaranteed Win Auctions” become unlocked for your account.

Step 3) Since all the bids from your first bid pack are returned to your account as Win Bids, they can now be used for the “Guaranteed Win Auctions”. All the bids placed on the GW auctions are deducted from your Win Bids balance.

Step 4) Once the GW auction ends all the Win Bids will be returned to your account unless you’re the winner. This ensures a constant flow of users winning their first auction!

( Please Note: Even though you’ve unlocked the GW auctions, you can still participate in regular auctions however your Win bids will still be there when you decide to use them in the GW auctions!

For a limited time only, receive a $50 gift card to restaurant.com when you sign up using beezid promo code RMNRESTO

In order to win, you have to play, now it’s just risk free and you’re guaranteed to win!



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